Self-Care during Fertility Treatments

July 10, 2019

Self-care during fertility treatments

Undergoing fertility treatments can bring a rollercoaster of emotions. With so much focus on the technical, clinical efforts to achieve a pregnancy, the emotional side of this journey can be neglected. That’s a serious mistake. Every person pursuing fertility treatments deserves emotional support as well as assistance conceiving. That’s why we provide specialist fertility counselling on site. Our counsellors are available to patients at any stage of their fertility treatments, but we also want to encourage every patient, and indeed everyone trying to conceive, to make their own emotional well-being a priority.

While some people are comfortable turning to their loved ones for support and sharing openly about their fertility treatments, others prefer to keep their personal fertility journey private. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation and what helps one might cause stress to another. But support is important. Online support groups can be a great help and also allow a degree of anonymity. One caveat: these groups are better for emotional support than they are for medical advice. 

Your Best Life for Fertility Treatments

This is not an ideal time to launch an intense new fitness regime, but it is important to take care of your body. Taking a brisk walk outside can relieve stress, lift your mood and support your physical health. Yoga can be very relaxing while also keeping you stay flexible and maintain good muscle tone. Some yoga studios offer special classes for pregnant women and new mums, so consider if seeing those advertised will be encouraging or distressing. 

Carving out just 10 or 15 minutes a day to meditate can also help reduce stress levels and promote a feeling of well-being. You can use an app, an audio or video recording or simply close your eyes and focus on one word that encourages you such as ‘hope’ or ‘joy’.

Eating well matters. Try to limit your comfort eating, but don’t berate yourself if you overindulge. Just focus on how to do better. Treat yourself to healthy foods that are also comforting such as your favourite fruits. Remember that the quick fix foods – those that give you an instant rush of sugar for example – also give you a real slump shortly after you have them so take the time to plan ahead so you don’t find yourself frazzled and hungry with nothing healthy to hand.

Take Breaks to Relax

If you don’t do regular date nights as a couple or with friends, you might want to start now. Taking one evening a week to escape from the daily grind (and from any discussion of your fertility treatments) can help you focus on the love you have in your life. For couples, this will help deepen your relationship. Singles can also take a regular night out with friends to unwind and nurture those important relationships. Go for massages or mani-pedi or whatever spa treatments you enjoy. Let yourself get lost in films that take your mind off of your fertility treatments.

Taking care of your mental and physical well being while you pursue fertility treatments can make this a less stressful time. It isn’t possible to take away the difficulty of the process, but you do have the power to approach it in a way that empowers you. Sometimes the process can feel overwhelming. If you are struggling, talk to your doctor. It might be appropriate to take a break from your treatments. And it is always appropriate to see our specialist fertility counsellors at any point in your treatment.

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