ReproMed Ireland Clinical Pregnancy Rates

May 30, 2019

Q1 2019 Clinical Pregnancy Rates

Unlike most other Fertility Service providers in Ireland we don’t emphasise our historical pregnancy rates but instead offer the contemporary success rates which are most relevant to you.

At ReproMed we understand that you want to know how well we are serving our patients now, not one or two years ago, because you will be entrusting your care and pursuit of happiness to us over the coming months.

The ongoing work of our professional team and the constant incorporation of new  technologies allows us to display some the best rates in Ireland.

Clinical Pregnancy Rates Per Fresh Embryo Transfer Jan - March 2019

Age Bracket Success Rate
Under 35yrs 44%
35-38yrs 54%
38-39yrs 55%
40-42yrs 31%
43yrs + 33%
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