ReproMed Galway joins Growing Families Seminar

November 7, 2019


Our Laboratory Director Jenny Cloherty will join the Growing Families Seminar on November 14th, talking about "IVF in Ireland for surrogacy abroad".

Galway Fertility Clinic has 25 years of experience in supporting couples and individuals in becoming parents. Options available range from quite simple approaches to the very complex, including couples that for one reason or another, need to use a Gestational Carrier (Surrogate). 

Our Laboratory Director, Jenny Cloherty, shall give an overview of the services available. She shall describe the process of IVF, the basics of early embryo development, and how the quality of embryos can be optimised, starting with the health of the sperm and egg cells.

The IVF part of the surrogacy journey can be performed in Galway, with the embryos being created and frozen and stored here, for later shipping to the Surrogacy Clinic abroad. Galway Fertility Clinic has shipped embryos to Ukraine, and to Canada, where the embryos have been thawed out and transferred into the surrogate, resulting in babies being born. This two-step approach allows the couple to focus on their IVF treatment first, without worrying about which surrogacy clinic to travel to.

This empowers the couple to then commit to surrogacy knowing they have safely stored embryos available. It also means that the woman does not have to undergo any medical procedures abroad, or travel while taking the ovarian stimulation injections required for IVF procedures.

Galway Fertility Clinic looks after the logistics of liaising with a specialised courier and getting the export licence to ensure the safe transfer of embryos to the surrogacy clinic.

In advance of any fertility treatment, both partners should be healthy and follow a good lifestyle, to ensure both the eggs and sperm are as healthy as they can be. Galway Fertility Clinic has an experienced team of Consultants, Scientists, Midwives and allied professionals with the expertise in supporting couples contemplating complex arrangements. There will be information available at the seminar on the IVF treatment process, how to make an appointment, and the allied support services available. Find out more here

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